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East is West

East is West founder Sonya Ghori, who brought me into East is West to craft the brand from the ground up. As both childs of immigrants from Pakistan we both have been living in this world between worlds and it was great to bring it to life with the power of Streetwear. Through many late night zooms, phone calls, and sending each other references across both sides of the pond we are ready to bring East is West to life Q4 2023.  We answered the age old question , of what is it really living in both the East & the West?

* Clothing designed & constructed by
various contractors.



I wanted to bring in a lot of Eastern colours and typography to help craft the world that I felt wasn’t really represented in the current streetwear market.  Streetwear is something that is very accessible to everyone and we wanted to take inspiration from cultures to create a beautiful tapestry of weaving everything together. The logo and brand guidelines are very fluid as they adapt to their use in various ways.



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