We make things that remind you of what print felt like as well as things that open your eyes to something new you haven’t seen before.

We make everything from identities to Art Work, Social Media, Motion Graphics and just about everything in between.  Our services range from Design to Art Direction as well as Event Production. 

Our work has  been featured in It’s Nice That, Fader Magazine, Dazed Digital, Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Dummy Magazine, Creative Review and more.

We have made some nice things for our friends at Discwoman, Mixpak, No ID, Half Moon Radio, More Time Records, Putivuelta, Discostan and Night Slugs this past year.

We have also worked on releases for Raveena, Florentino, Jam City, 
Leo Kalyan, A.G and Manara.

At the core of our studio, we want to make sure we are transparent in all our practices and are able to work with people who share the same values and principals of inclusion that we do. We aim to work with creatives from all backgrounds to ensure this.

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